About us

Intello Labs is India’s Most Awarded Agritech Venture
Pioneering the Concept of Non Destructive Digital Commodity Grading

Intello Labs started it’s journey in May 2016 to investigate markets where AI adoption will be welcomed in the early stages of its technology life. We began with use cases where we could build, test and deploy AI solutions rapidly before launching into chosen markets with confidence. Intello labs is recognized as a de-facto business for expert AI capability in solutions that satisfy real world challenges in near real time.

Digital Agriculture / Commodity Grading with AI Technology

Images and smartphones have the potential to help agriculture industry meet its productivity and sustainability challenges. The simplicity of images as a medium of communication can help overcome the lack of information flow across agriculture value chain. Intello Labs aims to revolutionise agriculture by enabling farmers, traders, millers, retailers and end users in communication though images for product quality, infestation, plant health or even soil conditions

We provide advanced image recognition technology that can recognise objects, faces, flora fauna and tag them in any image. At the center of our technology are high performance deep learning algorithms on which a new generation of intelligent applications are being built for applications including agriculture, eCommerce, advertising, manufacturing and curation.